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grouper-users - Re: [grouper-users] Using JEXL in source's Description attribute

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Re: [grouper-users] Using JEXL in source's Description attribute

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  • From: Dominique Petitpierre <>
  • To: Gagné Sébastien <>
  • Cc: <>
  • Subject: Re: [grouper-users] Using JEXL in source's Description attribute
  • Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 20:43:51 +0200
  • Organization: University of Geneva


On 09/24/2012 07:24 PM, Gagné Sébastien wrote:
> Thanks for the information, I was able to test my JEXL, but my problem is
> somewhat different
> First my working JEXL
> Defined as the following, my virtual attribute does work :
> <init-param>
> <param-name>subjectVirtualAttribute_0_descriptionUnique</param-name>
> <param-value>${subject.getAttributeValue('displayName')}
> (${subject.getAttributeValue('sAMAccountName')})</param-value>
> </init-param>

> With description = descriptionUnique (my virtual attribute) :
> gsh 1% ss = SubjectFinder.findAll("marchanr")
> subject: id='marchanr2' type='person' source='ldap' name='Marchand Robert'
> I only get one result because the description is empty if I use the virtual
> attribute :

In my understanding (and experiments), one cannot use a virtual
attribute for the three base attributes:
They have to be attributes retrieved by an LDAP query.

I guess one of the reason is that the LDAP directory can be queried by
Grouper with the value of these attributes (e.g. to find if a person's
entry still exist in the directory), and virtual attribute
construction works only one way (no "deconstruction" in elmentary

As Francesco Malvezzi described you can use virtual attributes in the
configuration file to specify what to display to the
UI user (in addition to subject.display.default and
grouperUi.subjectImg.screenEl.0 you can also use it in

Best regards,
Mr Dominique Petitpierre, user=Dominique.Petitpierre
IT Division, University of Geneva, Switzerland

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