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grouper-users - Re: [grouper-users] Starting up... then what?

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Re: [grouper-users] Starting up... then what?

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  • From: Dick Visser <>
  • To: Gagné Sébastien <>
  • Cc:
  • Subject: Re: [grouper-users] Starting up... then what?
  • Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 15:13:40 +0200

On 25 July 2012 14:29, Gagné Sébastien
> Well it all depends on what are your objectives with Grouper ;-)

I'd like to store group information :-)

But I'm a bit lost as to what is set-up by what.
Basically I did:

cd /opt
svn co
<install postgres, configure user/pass/database and edit>
cd /opt/GROUPER_2_1_1/grouper
ant dist
bin/ -test -all
bin/ -registry -check
gsh -registry -runsqlfile

I thought I'd be done by now, and that I'd need to add the web UI part
to be able to add groups etc.
But from what you're saying I also need a 'Subject Source', which is
another database?

So one database for Grouper itself, and one for the group data?
I went through dozens of wiki pages and howtos but I'm afraid I still
don't grok it :(

We won't be auto loading any stuff just yet, everything is going to be
manually set-up to begin with.



> I would suggest configuring a Subject Source (LDAP or SQL) and installing
> the Web UI. With these you'll be able to explore Grouper's functionalities
> by creating groups with members.
> After that there would be provisioning Grouper Groups to other resources
> like LDAP (if required) or a Loader-Type job to add an external directory's
> groups to Grouper. But this all depends on how you want to integrate
> Grouper with your org
> By the way, gsh has options for registry initialisation, for instance, we
> use the following command when the database is new, it will create the
> tables and all :
> $GROUPER_HOME/bin/ -registry -runscript -check
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> De :
> [mailto:]
> De la part de Dick Visser
> Envoyé : 25 juillet 2012 07:26
> À :
> Objet : [grouper-users] Starting up... then what?
> Hi
> After adding the initial schema, it looks like things are OK:
> root@grouper:/opt/GROUPER_2_1_1/grouper#
> bin/ -registry -runsqlfile
> /opt/GROUPER_2_1_1/grouper/ddlScripts/grouperDdl_20120725_13_14_17_596.sql
> Using GROUPER_HOME: /opt/GROUPER_2_1_1/grouper Using
> GROUPER_CONF: /opt/GROUPER_2_1_1/grouper/conf Using JAVA: java using
> MEMORY: 64m-750m (note, might need to type in your response multiple times
> (Java stdin is flaky)) (note, you can whitelist or blacklist db urls and
> users in the
> Are you sure you want to run the sql file in db user 'grouper_user', db url
> 'jdbc:postgresql://ip6-localhost:5432/grouper'? (y|n):
> y
> Continuing...
> Script was executed successfully
> Grouper starting up: version: 2.1.1, build date: 2012/07/25 10:47:37,
> env: <no label configured>
> read from:
> /opt/GROUPER_2_1_1/grouper/conf/
> Grouper current directory is: /opt/GROUPER_2_1_1/grouper
> read from:
> /opt/GROUPER_2_1_1/grouper/conf/
> Grouper is logging to file:
> /opt/GROUPER_2_1_1/grouper/logs/grouper_error.log, at min level WARN for
> package: edu.internet2.middleware.grouper, based on
> /opt/GROUPER_2_1_1/grouper/conf/
> grouper_user@jdbc:postgresql://ip6-localhost:5432/grouper
> sources.xml read from: /opt/GROUPER_2_1_1/grouper/conf/sources.xml
> sources.xml groupersource id: g:gsa
> sources.xml groupersource id: grouperEntities
> sources.xml jdbc source id: jdbc: GrouperJdbcConnectionProvider
> Nothing is running at this stage...
> What needs to be done now?
> Thanks
> --
> Dick Visser
> System & Networking Engineer
> TERENA Secretariat
> Singel 468 D, 1017 AW Amsterdam
> The Netherlands

Dick Visser
System & Networking Engineer
TERENA Secretariat
Singel 468 D, 1017 AW Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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