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grouper-users - [grouper-users] a possible Grouper GUI

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[grouper-users] a possible Grouper GUI

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  • From: Steven Carmody <>
  • To: Grouper-Users <>
  • Subject: [grouper-users] a possible Grouper GUI
  • Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 15:42:24 -0400

One of the problems we're trying to address is to:

-- provide depts with a standard set of "People" groups (eg faculty-all, faculty-regular, faculty-tenured, etc, staff-all, etc)

-- provide a base population for each of these groups, using data from the HR or student systems

-- delegate to each dept the authority to add and remove adhoc's from each of these groups.

-- use the GUI to hide from the dept level admin any of the MACE Grouper plumbing we use to support a base group + adhocs members.

We have a potential mockup available here, and are interested in comments and feedback:

Interested in comments, thoughts, feedback!

And, because this is a mockup, it may need some text explaining about what's going on:

A quick tour (note there seem to be some issues with Firefox... if the right hand pane shows up

-- expand People, and you'll see Faculty-All, Staff-All, and Students-All.

-- click on Faculty-All to see the membership of this group; it should appear to the right.

This group is composed of four other groups; there are no people who have been directly added to this group. Each group name appears; indented below the name is a list of the members of that group.

Clicking CLPS-Faculty-Regular in the membership list will take you to that group. (I only did this in this one instance.)

Clicking a person (only andrea_simmons right now) will show their directory info.

-- expand Faculty-All (click the + sign)

-- click on Faculty-Regular (on the left). This Group includes the Tenured group, as well as six individuals. All of those individuals have a check box to the right. Clicking the box and clicking SUBMIT (ooopppsss, not yet added) would delete anyone whose box was checked.

-- click on Tenured and Full (also on the left), for similar views.

-- I didn't compose the other faculty and staff, etc groups for this mockup.

One idea I was chewing on was whether to build, in the right hand pane, a "full" membership tree, showing how the -All group was composed of a hierarchy of groups. I ended up allowing the user to click on a group name in the right pane, as perhaps easier on everyone.

  • [grouper-users] a possible Grouper GUI, Steven Carmody, 05/29/2012

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