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grouper-users - [grouper-users] 'edit start and end date' with WS

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[grouper-users] 'edit start and end date' with WS

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  • From: Francesco Malvezzi <>
  • To: grouper-users <>
  • Subject: [grouper-users] 'edit start and end date' with WS
  • Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 14:48:20 +0200
  • Unimore-x-sa-score: -1.2

Hi all,

We are now planning to make a bulk edit of many members' start and end date.

While the procedure with gsh works:

subj = findSubject("a_member");
sess = GrouperSession.start(subj);
member = MemberFinder.findBySubject(sess, subj, false);
group = GroupFinder.findByName(sess, "a_stem:a_group");
membership = group.getImmediateMembership(Group.getDefaultList(),
member, true, true);

We are not able to find a way to replicate with ws. At this moment the
stopper is the membership query.

Following the documentation at:

curl -k -K .curlrc
cat .curlrc
url =
user = "GrouperSystem:secret"

I always receive:

0 results involving 0 groups and 0

With a suspicious log entry:
2012-04-18 14:44:46,309: [TP-Processor12] INFO - <
GrouperSystem - > -
session: start (1ms)
2012-04-18 14:44:46,312: [TP-Processor12] WARN
WsStemLookup.retrieveStemIfNeeded(193) - < GrouperSystem - > - Invalid query: WsStemLookup[

So, my question is: which is the preferred path of WS queries to update
start and end date for a member?

Than: where could I look to fix the membership WS? (please note the
groups WS works fine).

Thank you for your time,


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