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grouper-users - Re: [grouper-users] Introduction and question...

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Re: [grouper-users] Introduction and question...

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  • Subject: Re: [grouper-users] Introduction and question...
  • Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 09:41:14 -0500


Sorry it took me so long to respond...

The grouper community and the grouper toolkit is strong and growing, and the grouper project continues to enjoy enthusiastic and substantial material support by Internet2, InCommon, Jasig, JISC, the Kuali Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and campuses and other adopters internationally. We will be here.

Signet, Grouper, and Shibboleth are projects initiated by MACE, a group of campus IT architects that helps steer the Internet2 Middleware Initiative. MACE decided to end the Signet project because of lack of adoption. We'd failed to ensure that an incremental path was available to campuses to help them progress towards implementation of Signet's advanced privilege management capabilities.

MACE's investigation into and development of advanced privilege management capabilities for campus use has continued. The MACE-paccman working group was formed to provide a venue in which major open source projects and campus IT architects could discuss issues and identify common needs related to privilege and access management. And the Grouper project added role and privilege management capabilities to its roadmap as a means of providing an incremental path to campus adoption of those capabilities. Much of that part of the roadmap is implemented in v1.6, though there's still much more work to be done.

I hope this addresses your question!


Dear Grouper Users,

We've been using an LDAP (Oracle OID) for Oracle's single sign on
product for a several years now. Over that time there has been
a steady increase in general authentication services for misc
applications against this LDAP as well. (It is only used for
authentication, not white pages.)

At this point we think we are ready to start looking at
implementing groups in our LDAP. Our need for having groups is
only starting to emerge so we want to be ahead of the curve and
make sure we implement a well designed and organized system from
the start, rather than letting it grow organically.

I'm trying to educate myself about groups in general and so far
have read about half of "Practices in Directory Groups" and am
finding it very helpful.

One question I have is about Signet. It is often mentioned in
document titles in association with Grouper. I looked up Signet
and found that this privilege management system project has been
abandoned by Internet2 and I am curious as to why. I tried to
find out more but have not had any luck. The Signet project
status page says that the mailing lists continue to be available,
so I thought I'd check the archives, but it looks like the Signet
lists have been removed from the Internet2 mailing list server.

So can anybody briefly tell me why Signet was dropped? What
impact if any this has on Grouper? What are the odds of the
Grouper project also being abandoned by Internet2?


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