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grouper-dev - RE: [grouper-dev] Possible performance issue with HSQLDB...

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RE: [grouper-dev] Possible performance issue with HSQLDB...

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  • From: "Black, Carey M." <>
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  • Subject: RE: [grouper-dev] Possible performance issue with HSQLDB...
  • Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2018 19:35:01 +0000
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Uh... 16 seconds would not have got my attention.

2018-10-16 13:56:04,879: [Thread-470] TRACE
ZZZZZFoldersHook.grantPrivsToGroup(1193) - - Elapsed=25
2018-10-16 13:56:04,882: [Thread-470] TRACE
ZZZZZFoldersHook$asyncStemPostCommitInsert.callback(2272) - - add group
'AAAAAA' to group ' BBBBBB'
2018-10-16 14:13:01,151: [Thread-470] TRACE
ZZZZZFoldersHook$asyncStemPostCommitInsert.callback(2279) - - add VIEW
access for CCCCCC to group AAAAAA

That is about 17 minutes.

And the matching code snip... (Starting at line 2272 through 2279 )
LOG.trace(String.format("add group '%s' to group '%s'",
findParentGroups.get(i), myGroups.get(i)));
} else {
LOG.error(String.format("could not add '%s' as a member of '%s' due
to one or both groups membershipGroup='%s', group='%s' not being found.",
findParentGroups.get(i), myGroups.get(i), parentCodeGroup, myCodeGroup));
// also grant group view to the AM team below
if (parentCodeGroup != null && myCodeAM != null) {
LOG.trace(" add VIEW access for " + myCodeAM.getDisplayExtension() +
" to group " + parentCodeGroup.getDisplayExtension());

FWIW: findParentGroups.get(i) is the "group extension value" used in
this line above line 2272:
Group parentCodeGroup = GroupFinder.findByName(rsess,
groupsFolder.getName() + ":" + findParentGroups.get(i), false);

So the only thing between the two trace line are:
if (parentCodeGroup != null && myCodeAM != null) {

It has to be in the " Group.addMember(...)" code.

BTW: Group AAAAAA= a composite
Group BBBBBB= simple group

And that one SQL statement pegs the CPU on the host and runs that 17 minutes
of time. ( As far as I can tell.)

And a "cross join" looks like a very ugly thing to do to any DB.
Carey Matthew

-----Original Message-----

On Behalf Of Michael Douglass
Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2018 2:37 PM

Subject: Re: [grouper-dev] Possible performance issue with HSQLDB...

I mentioned this a long time ago - I tried stepping through the entire
call but could not find the issue.

I don't believe it's a performance issue as such with hsqldb. I tried
the queries directly and they return almost immediately.

It happens in a number of places - I worked on developing an app using
grouper and debugging was a pain because of these long delays

I'd be inclined to suggest moving to h2.

It will certainly look like a performance issue - the hangs are for
about 16 seconds or so

On 10/16/18 14:00, Black, Carey M. wrote:
> Chris, (et. al.)
> I have a test instance that is currently still using the HSQLDB. ( I
> know... I am going to reset the env and move to a "real DB" ... soon...)
> But I found that when a group is being added as a member of another group
> this SQL takes a very long time to execute:
> select as id1_24_,
> member0_.hibernate_version_number as hibernat2_24_,
> member0_.subject_id as subject_3_24_,
> member0_.subject_source as subject_4_24_,
> member0_.subject_type as subject_5_24_,
> member0_.context_id as context_6_24_,
> member0_.subject_identifier0 as subject_7_24_,
> member0_.sort_string0 as sort_str8_24_,
> member0_.sort_string1 as sort_str9_24_,
> member0_.sort_string2 as sort_st10_24_,
> member0_.sort_string3 as sort_st11_24_,
> member0_.sort_string4 as sort_st12_24_,
> member0_.search_string0 as search_13_24_,
> member0_.search_string1 as search_14_24_,
> member0_.search_string2 as search_15_24_,
> member0_.search_string3 as search_16_24_,
> member0_.search_string4 as search_17_24_,
> as name18_24_,
> member0_.description as descrip19_24_
> from grouper_members member0_ cross join grouper_memberships_all_v
> membership1_
> where membership1_.owner_group_id=? and membership1_.field_id=?
> and and
> membership1_.immediate_mship_enabled='T'
> Maybe this is the "performance issue" that you have seen from time to time
> in the test scripts?
> ( "cross join" sounds.... like a bad idea on any system of any size.)
> Maybe this is just a hibernate on HSQLDB issue? Maybe not?
> Hope that helps.

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