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grouper-dev - [grouper-dev] UI action item follow-up

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[grouper-dev] UI action item follow-up

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  • From: "Black, Carey M." <>
  • To: Chris Hyzer <>
  • Cc: "" <>
  • Subject: [grouper-dev] UI action item follow-up
  • Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2017 04:00:32 +0000
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Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me "one-on-one" after the dev
call wrapped up about my experience customizing the "New UI".

Here is my (AI) write-up on the UI customization changes that we talked about.
Thanks in advance for considering and/or implementing these ideas.

UI customization suggestions:
I think 1 and 2 are "easy". #3, well.... :)

1) Add two "custom JS files" configuration setting. ( Like the CSS setting:
# A space separated list of one or more .js files which are inserted into the
# HEAD of all Grouper pages. The .js files are referenced in order and after
# any Grouper js files in the header.
# A space separated list of one or more .js files which are inserted into the
# end of the BODY of all Grouper pages. The .js files are referenced in order
and after
# any Grouper js files in the BODY.

2) Add a way to insert a HTML snip (via a file reference?) just after opening
body tag on all pages. ( Maybe called: commonBodyStart.jsp : Similar to
commonBottom.jsp [AKA: "commonBodyEnd.jsp" :) ], only for just after the
start of <body> instead of just before the closing </body>. )

3) Customizing the buttons:
"More Actions Button", vs
"more-tab-options", vs
the other "more-action-button" (Example: on the loader tab. It has the same
HTML ID value? Hum.... )

It would be great if an installation could control the contents of these
buttons/menus via some configuration settings.

Maybe similar to the existing grouper settings like these:
grouperUi.subjectImg.sourceId.5 = g:rsa
grouperUi.subjectImg.image.5 = group_key.png
grouperUi.subjectImg.screenEl.5 =

Possible example config:[ divider | link |.... group? ...
menu? ...]
# divider would produce a line like "<li class="divider"></li>"
# link would produce lines like the existing items with the label, href,
onclick values ( plus maybe a leading icon if you want to add a new feature
too. :) ) [ some string |
${textContainer.text['local.GroupMenuItem1Label'] ] [ # | some URL |
${textContainer.text['local.GroupMenuItem1URL'] ] [ some js |
${textContainer.text['local.GroupMenuItem1URL'] ] [ URL to icon | ...? ]

# where the number (1) is the order for the item on the menu.

If there is a desire to support sub menus then I would suggest switching the
Number ordering to a "bitwise grouping string" [a-Z chars ONLY] where you
use each position as a grouping value. ( in alpha sort order )
First char sorts order across all items. Second char sorts within all of the
items with the same First char value. Gaps are allowed in character order. (
AKA: "a then b then c" not required. CMQ is acceptable.)
If dupes exist then any order Is acceptable for those. :) Likely not want
anyone would want, but I expect it would be hard to do anything else if the
values are coming from a java properties file. :^/
1.1 --> Aa
1.2 --> Ab (or Ac or Ad )
1.3 --> Ae (or Af or... AZ)
2 --> B (or C or D...)
2.1 --> Ba
3 --> E
3.1 --> Ea (or Eb or Eq ...)

Or maybe you pull another "dojo" system into the UI. ( same makers as the
"Tree" that is being used...)
FWIW: Only suggested due to existing use of dojo, not a suggestion or
recommendation of library validity, code quality or usability. ( YMMV )
FWIW: via the "The "New" BSD
FWIW: There also appears to be dojo "button" implementations too. ( There are
example/demos on the page. )

Looks like it support "programmatic" additions too. So I guess the move to
the dojo menus/buttons when added with a variant of the js.additions might be
a path to all of this too. Add "js.footer.additions" in that case to insert
content into a <script> tag just before the close of </body> :)
Yea. Modifying the "commonBottom.jsp" could also do this, but I like the
symmetry of the js.additions and js.footer.additions configuration items.

Carey Matthew

  • [grouper-dev] UI action item follow-up, Black, Carey M., 07/14/2017

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