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grouper-dev - [grouper-dev] Notes and Action Items, Grouper Call 30-June-2016

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[grouper-dev] Notes and Action Items, Grouper Call 30-June-2016

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  • Subject: [grouper-dev] Notes and Action Items, Grouper Call 30-June-2016
  • Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2016 15:36:35 +0000
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Notes and Action Items, Grouper Call 30-June-2016


Chris Hyzer, Penn, (chair)

Shilen Patel, Duke

Jim Fox, University of Washington

Misagh Moyadd, Unicon

Brendan Bellina, UCLA

Pregash J Devasagayam, UC Boulder

Bert Bee Lindgren, Georgia Tech

Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

New Action Items

[AI] (Misagh and Chris) work together on merge of multiple web.xml files for the gradle work

[AI] (Misagh) create JIRA about patches and directories created during install

[AI] (Bert) will send Chris the class for the case sensitivity issue

Carry Over Action Items

[AI] Emily get Camtasia  license for MAC for Bert to create Grouper Training Video (in progress)

[AI] If possible switch Chris Camtasia from PC to MAC (Update: Chris please try existing license on your MAC)

[AI] Bert and GT team will look at the Grouper Deployment Guide authored by Columbia U , and Bill Thompson, and see how to share the helpful info in it

[AI] (Grouper team) review these slides from Apereo:     (done for Chris)

[AI] (Bert)  document the solution to “turn off old psp issue” that was raised on the list

[AI] (Bert) investigate camtasia licensing at GT. Grouper-training wiki has details on how to do the videos. [Jun 15: No GT license exists, Need to check with Emily]

[AI] (Bert) create PSP-NG Training Video (after necessary patches) -- Camtasia

[AI]: [Chris] continue to go through commits going back to 2.2 and make sure they are in Master , and address the TO DO’s -- Chris has done a lot but not all, it’s on release steps page.  [pending]

[AI] (Chris) make patching and upgrading work on a source directory (based on input from packaging survey) [after Grouper 2.3  release] [pending]


  • TIER Developers and WG Members Meeting at Tech Ex in Miami on Thurs. Sept 29, noon -3pm. Please sign up here

Current work tasks

Vivek – TIER API  

Misagh - Gradle

[AI] (Misagh and Chris) work together on merge of multiple web.xml files for the Gradle work

Misagh will remove the date stamps

Bert – PSPNG

[AI] (Bert) will send Chris the class for the case sensitivity issue

There will be a PSP NG patch

Bert is continuing work on Docker

Working through the DN issues

Chris – Patches

Working on installer and patches

Shilen – working on loader, patches

  • Shilen will work on Penn State issue of subject attributes

  • Shilen work on issue of  only seeing folders with objects inside

    • Shilen will test the fix Chris came up with

    • Performance hit with browsing in large registries

    • Can’t search for a stem in the UI, so that should be OK

    • Probably not a security issue

Issue roundup

·         LDAP loader samples

·         Thanks to Kenyon College,  Lafayette , Columbia University – for Grouper contribs.

·         PSP fixes for default grouper selection _expression_ [done, in patch]

·         Apache airavata

·         Grouper HA wiki -

·         PSPNG installer and patching [done]

·         IU find subject with session

·         Jeffrey Crawford patch for grouper PSP 6/17 (this handled?) [done, need to build patch]

·         PSPNG failing to create records that already exist [prob done, awaiting JC response]

·         PSPNG grouper name bushy substring from Jeffrey Crawford (this handled?) [Bert, need new util]

·         Error when viewing all inherited privs in registry (fixed)

·         Vivek SCIM update (AI for at least Chris)

·         Columbia community contrib

·         Java API vs WS

·         Documentation of new web services

·         Patches for WS based on new samples

·         Contacting service owners when provisioning fails (from Brown)

  How to override a safety net?

Use a group attribute for this?

Use service tag?

·         PSP branch - done

·         PSU customize the UI (AI for Chris)

·         [Bert] Guerin Francoise PSP (UI LDAP)  email (AI for Bert)

·         Grouper docker- talk about this  on next Grouper call

·         Scott Koranda upgrade issues (fixed)

·         Crypto threadlocal issue (patched)

·         Last modified time of group (PSU request?)

·         Handle case between loader and subject source (patched)


Grouper accessibility talk 

45 minute call w U. Colorado

Issues w Ajax and screen readers

No easy solution to work with all screen readers

Use area tags?

Challenge is that Grouper has a rich UI that is able to do complex things

Could make a non-Ajax screen reader to address accessibility

 Note that accessibility means more than screen reader, it also means being able to use page without a mouse

 Suggestion that the team test the new UI without the mouse

 U Colorado - meeting next week internally to go over the discussion w Chris around Grouper Accessibility

·         EhCacheRegionFactory upgrade error (AI for Shilen - if old property in file, remove it.)

·         UMD chat about Grouper

  Discussion included:

 -Life cycle for groups and delete dates

    -Approval process to get into groups and workflow

·         Brown WS findbyname approx multiple names (AI for Chris)

·         2.2 commits in 2.3 and master

·         Offline installer (fixed documented)

[AI] (Misagh) make JIRA about patches and directories created during install

·         PSPNG jira filters with dn (need patch?) [dup]

·         Unique case insensitive extensions

·         Import auditing on ui - got missed from Grouper 2.2 to 2.3 - Vivek has fixed this and there will be a patch

·         TIER Instrumentation - Shilen will be the point person for this

·         Hipchat - [AI] (Emily) work more on this and inform the Grouper team (done)

·         See stems in UI that you should see and not more (AI for chris)

·         Web service content type (AI for chris)

·         Add groups as members with rule (AI for chris)

·         Branch master to 2.3 branch, done


Next Grouper Call: Wed. July 13, 2016, noon ET

 Guest at the July 13 Grouper call will be Gary Chapman, NYU, discussing Grouper at  NYU and UI plans


Emily Eisbruch, Work Group Lead, Trust and Identity

office: +1-734-352-4996 | mobile +1-734-730-5749

  • [grouper-dev] Notes and Action Items, Grouper Call 30-June-2016, Emily Eisbruch, 07/12/2016

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