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grouper-dev - [grouper-dev] Notes and Action Items: Grouper Call 6-April-2016

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[grouper-dev] Notes and Action Items: Grouper Call 6-April-2016

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  • Subject: [grouper-dev] Notes and Action Items: Grouper Call 6-April-2016
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Notes: Grouper Call Wed. 6-April-2016 


 Chris Hyzer, Penn (Chair)

Tom Barton, U. Chicago

Shilen Patel, Duke

Bert Bee-Lindgren, Georgia Tech

Bill Thompson, Lafayette College

Grouper Roadmap


New Action Items from the April 6 call:

[AI]: [Chris] Go through commits going back to 2.2 and make sure they are in Master.

[AI]: [Shilen] Start working on making tests work, committing often

[AI]: [Bert] Get notes and ideas into Jira on automated integration-testing environment

[AI] (All) Be sure work has a jira associated (no matter no small or big)

Carry Over Action Items

[AI] (Bert) Document how PSP NG can work with either messages or changelog, including taking advantage of the automatic listener setup [New AI: Jira for adding messaging-driver to psp-ng for 2.3.1

[AI] (Pregash) will ask for findings around accessibility that can be emailed to Chris prior to the meeting. Then Chris will be happy to schedule the meeting [probably not done]

[AI] Misagh look add hibernate-c3p0 jar to gradle/maven, and the upgrade to c3p0 (commit from Chris) [needed for Grouper 2.3]

[AI] (Bert) create a wiki page off the Post PSP Provisioning wiki  page to explain the boundaries for provisioning subjects.  [Still pending]

[AI] (Misagh) provide update to Grouper Core list  to  be sure Gradle work will be ready for Grouper Release in April [postponed for Grouper 2.4]

[AI] (Chris ) clarify the Grouper roadmap around “Add remaining attribute/permission operations to WS” [after Grouper 2.3 release]

[AI] (Chris) capture the TIER packaging direction in a Grouper wiki page, including environment variable strategy [not done, needed for 2.3]

[AI] (Chris) make patching and upgrading work on a source directory (based on input from packaging survey) [after Grouper 2.3  release]

[AI] ( Misagh) look on Grouper wiki for Java doc links and change them to  [probably obsolete. Reevaluate after migration to new i2 github]

Completed Action Items

[AI] (Chris) may make an adapter / config switch so Messaging queue, permissions, changelog-publisher are all setup when a listener is created (if auto-setup property exists) [Done]

[AI] (Chris) get rules into new UI, for inheriting privileges [done]

[AI] (Chris) will tweak /consolidate  the message-acknowledge method and add more params (including selective ACK and/or requeuing) [done]

[AI] Shilen document that UTF8 mb4 is a no go [Done in wiki with other DB info]


Current work tasks

Chris: Inherited privileges in UI, ChangeLogConsumerImpl

Shilen looked at this. Has anyone else?

Several UIs created around looking at privs.

What should defaults be?

Current defaults: Delegated admins have control 

Question for upgraders to 2.3: Do grouper deployers want admins of subfolders to be able to take control of the privs of all subfolders? If not, then need to limit permissions to a group or Grouper Admins.

  • PSP-NG does a similar thing

  • Maintains caches and collects affected objects from the target system

  • AI: Bill and Bert work out a common API & Behavior between the Bill-Changelog & PSP-NG [after 2.3 release]

Shilen: testing, other?  Test PSP-NG?

Some things faster, some things slower.

Hibernate upgrade was most likely source of change, but didn’t change things much

P6Spy: Tweak debug-ignore property (

Unit Tests? Lots of failures, but not diagnosed yet. Hoping failures have a common cause (group type that didn’t exist).

Cherry-picking code merges makes it easy to forget to pull things into master. Chris printed out all the 2.2.2 changes and made sure they were in master. Do we need to go back to when master was branched from 2.2?

AI: [Chris] Go through commits going back to 2.2 and make sure they are in Master.


AI: [Shilen] Start working on making tests work, committing often

Bert: PSP-NG

Bill’s base-changelog-consumer builds off (John Gasper’s) Docker work (grouper, mysql, ldap, tomcat) to do automated integration-testing environment. Definitely available, but maybe not before release, depending on time. When the time is right, Bill & Bert can spend 30 minutes to demonstrate and understand what is involved.

Top priority: Commit & Document, communicate with Shilen 

Commit is done and some docs are here:

AI: [Bert] Get notes and ideas into Jira on automated integration-testing environment

Bert has commit permissions to github now.

·         Misagh:


·         Vivek: WS

TIER update

Plan for April release

Readiness summary:

-Tarballs by next Wed

-Unit tests fixed

-Env variables and properties file [Chris]


-Maven repos: included in Google ‘grouper release steps’ [DaveL did this last time, seems to have been handed off to Misagh]


Packaging Grouper:


·         Remote logging for grouper

Institutional instrumentation. What software is being used and how is performing? KeithH setup a remote syslog server and Tier API is reporting there.

[AI] for all, does all work have a jira associated (no matter no small or big)


[This builds the release notes]

Issue roundup

·         Bill Thompson change log consumer

·         Mysterious error in loader job (jira for this Shilen? 

·         Messaging WS

·         Email as subjectId


·         Unable to obliterate stem

·         CSRF error with new tomcat, instructions from ScottK

·         Sync users passwords to AD

·         Stem vs stemAdmin 

·         Folder tracking in UI (doesn’t work) [AI: Misagh get back to us]


·         Finding size of group with GSH/API

·         Java8

·         Re-composite a group without losing members in change log

·         Env variables in config files [current AI for Chris]

NEXT WEEK: Spend more time on Grouper to make sure it Tests and is Working.

Global Summit 2016

TIER Working Group and Developers Meeting to be held 

May 19, 2016 , 9am - 12:30pm in Chicago



Grouper BOF at Internet2 Global Summit is Wednesday, May 18, noon-1:00PM

Next Grouper Call: Wed. April 20, 2016 at noon ET

Emily Eisbruch, Work Group Lead, Trust and Identity

office: +1-734-352-4996 | mobile +1-734-730-5749

  • [grouper-dev] Notes and Action Items: Grouper Call 6-April-2016, Emily Eisbruch, 04/11/2016

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