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grouper-dev - [grouper-dev] Notes and Action Items: Grouper Call Wed. Oct. 21, 2015

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[grouper-dev] Notes and Action Items: Grouper Call Wed. Oct. 21, 2015

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  • Subject: [grouper-dev] Notes and Action Items: Grouper Call Wed. Oct. 21, 2015
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Notes and Action Items: Grouper Call Wed. Oct. 21, 2015


Chris Hyzer, U. Penn, chair  

Tom Barton, U. Chicago

Shilen Patel, Duke  

Bert Bee-Lindgren, Georgia Tech

Misagh Moayyed, Unicon  

Jim Fox, UW

Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

Action Items from Oct. 21 call:

[AI] (Misagh) schedule Oct. 28 Grouper call , including Chris, Bert, Misagh, John Gasper, and others at Unicon, for to discuss building and packaging and Gradle. 

[AI] Chris update the Grouper roadmap to include Google provisioning and move a few items to “whatever happened to”  (done)

Carry Over Action items

[AI] (Bert) provide feedback on Grouper training videos (No feedback as yet.)

[AI] (Bert) will look at improvements to doc around UI Authn with CAS. It was noted that several steps are needed, hard to reproduce. (Keep open).


Grouper 2.2.2

Some schools have implemented Grouper 2.2.2

We have 4 patches so far for Grouper 2.2.2

 Tech Ex 2015 debrief

·        Notes from the Grouper BOF

Prevent renaming/moving of groups (from Michael)

[AI] (Shilen)  create a JIRA for Prevent renaming/moving of groups (DONE)

·        Other action items

Misagh: will we continue to patch Grouper  2.2.2?

Chris: we will do bug fixes only

Need to focus on Grouper 2.2.3 development instead of patches

Advance CAMP Unconference sessions on Grouper included:

Grouper 2.3 roadmap and scope

Grouper 2.3 to be released in April 2016

Code freeze in March or Feb 2016

Containerization and standard web service are highest priorities for TIER

Q: Where does integration w Google / Google connector fit?

A: For PSP, Bert will focus on high performance LDAP and AD provisioning.

Might be possible to do basic Google provisioning,

Don’t want to overcommit

Chris: Unicon’s Google provisioner is in Grouper Misc

That can be downloaded and some campuses have downloaded it

Longer term, Google will be handled in PSP

Add row to the Grouper roadmap for Google provisioning?

need to remove from current roadmap, integrating w KIM and Uportal

[AI] Chris update the Grouper roadmap to include Google provisioning and move a few items to “whatever happened to” (done)

Chris: for TIER, there will be a way to tag TIER requests in JIRA

Current work tasks

·         Chris: Duo changelog consumer, messaging changelog consumer

·         Shilen: Loader -

Shilen looking at multiple nodes through Quartz.

Should just work with proper configuration.  Hopefully don’t need another config file or db settings.

Performance overall should improve if one loader process is the bottleneck.

Chris: we should put the tables in the DDL

Hope to NOT make separate config

Goal is better integration w Grouper so it’s not necessary to read the Quartz integration

Default to database and don’t have RAM option.

We want to provide out of box good Quartz environment for Grouper.

Need to move to latest Quartz version

PSP-NG (Provisioning) - Bert

Goal is to take config and flexibility that is mocked up and do it the Grouper way.

Want to create a prototype for users to review, particularly to make sure that it covers flexibility Grouper users need, including how to find existing ldap/AD groups, what is needed to create new ones (attributes and values), attribute to use for membership and subject value to put in that attribute.

Misagh: Building and packaging

Need a client of modules that Grouper should build via Gradle (look at the downloads page)

Reorganize project struct to a flat model?

IDE support for Gradle?

Figure out dependency inheritance with Gradle

Use a reference example as a baseline

Have an off-week call to discuss this topic?


[AI] (Misagh) schedule call , including Chris, Bert, Misagh, John Gasper, and others at Unicon for Wed. Oct. 28 to discuss building and packaging and Gradle.  

·    In addition, Chris and Misagh will join the TIER packaging WG  led by Jim Jokl

    Vivek: WS

. Issue roundup

·         Email about attributes in new UI vs admin UI

·         Loader and job configuration and restarting to get configs

·         Loader and unresolvables

·         WS and requesting subject attributes, should send default too?

·         Scripting the PSP build (wait for new build scripts?)

·         WS delete groups, some success, some failures, should overall be success or failure?  Currently it is failure

·         Patch database issue corruption

·         Upgrader and UI location (again)

·         Case insensitive PSP (10/6 from Jutta)

·         Grouper and CAS (10/6 from Baron)  Is mod_cas not the way to go here to simplify things?

·         New UI sort and subject config

·         Tim Darby upgrade woes and UI privileges (admins cant see group???)

·         Scott Koranda and trouble deleting from loader log (4 DB processes running delete query???)

·         Xmlexport and exclude audits

·         Export audits from UI or WS

·         Demo server upgrade and auto user folders

·         Grouper loader should show error on subject problems in gsh or ui (patch from Shilen)

·         Installing and using webapp dir instead of build UI dir

·         Update priv for assigning attributes

·         Running GSH as another user in grouper session

·         Assigning privs when not having ADMIN (patch)

·         Exclude admin and lite UI links from new UI (patch of merge back to 2.2)

·         Sync ok but not bulk sync (needs followup)

·         Four levels of loader hierarchies

·         Demo with example data

7. Build script NG: Maven vs Gradle vs ?

8. Grouper packaging: Docker vs Installer vs ?

Emily Eisbruch, Work Group Lead, Trust and Identity

office: +1-734-352-4996 | mobile +1-734-730-5749

  • [grouper-dev] Notes and Action Items: Grouper Call Wed. Oct. 21, 2015, Emily Eisbruch, 10/26/2015

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