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grouper-dev - [grouper-dev] Draft Minutes: Grouper Call Sept 24. 2014

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[grouper-dev] Draft Minutes: Grouper Call Sept 24. 2014

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  • From: Emily Eisbruch <>
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  • Subject: [grouper-dev] Draft Minutes: Grouper Call Sept 24. 2014
  • Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2014 17:59:57 +0000
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Draft Minutes: Grouper Call of Sept 24. 2014

Tom Barton, U. Chicago, Chair
Dave Langenberg, U. Chicago
Chris Hyzer, University of Pennsylvania
Shilen Patel, Duke
Jim Fox, U. Washington
Gail Dunmire, The Pennsylvania State University
Bill Thompson, Lafayette College
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2, scribe

New Action Items

[AI] (Tom) agendize curating the Grouper Community Contributions.

[AI] (Tom) email the Grouper-Users list about the Grouper WG at Tech Ex, Wed. Oct. 29, 2014 at 5:30pm (done)

[AI] (Shilen) email the Grouper Users list regarding Grouper ALL privileges

Carry Over Action Items

[AI] (Shilen) create a JIRA to add a subject identifier to the members table so it will be available for the messaging system and for the loader

[AI] (Tom) follow up on Pen testing of Grouper 2.2 

[AI] (Shilen) create a Grouper training video on the new Grouper  

[AI) (DaveL) look at PSP ChangeLogDataConnector Inconsistency issue

[AI] (Shilen) investigate ways to get new attributes in a single step  


Technology Exchange, Oct 27-30, 2014 in Indianapolis

CAMP Session on Grouper:
 "Federated Authorization" Wed. Oct 29, 2014 
This session will discuss Grouper for as a central solution for managing user groups and attributes  within federated environments.

Grouper WG Meeting at Tech Ex

[AI] (Tom) email the Grouper-Users list about the Grouper WG at Tech Ex
Wed Oct. 29, 2014 at 5:30pm  (done)

Suggested Topics for Grouper WG at Tech Ex

-Grouper version 2.2.1 update

-Community contributions – encourage them…
   - example: Google Connector contribution Oregon State
    - example: Lafayette College contribution around GSH

-Grouper v2.2 implementation feedback (Gail)

-Provisioning discussion - strategy for Grouper v2.3 and potential partners (for message queuing) 

-Grouper Roadmap


Bill: Lafayette is especially interested in discussion around provisioning approaches, including what to use in the near term, prior to the implementation of a new provisioning strategy in the Grouper project

Advance CAMP preparation
Are there topics we would like to raise at the ACAMP Unconference?

At the 2013 ACAMP in Burlingame, Chris did a new UI demo and there were other Grouper related sessions.

Decision: Discuss potential ACAMP sessions at the Grouper-Dev call on Wed. Oct. 8, 2014,
So we make the most of this Face-to-Face opportunity

Making the Grouper Community Contributions/Adopter Sketches More Helpful

 Bill has been reviewing the Adopter Sketches on the Grouper Community Contributions wiki:

Would be helpful to indicate which sketches are most current and most relevant.  
[AI] (Tom) agendize curating the Grouper Community Contributions.

Grouper v2.2.1 Release

Shilen will work on the Grouper All issue (note this work has been completed since the call) "Prevent GrouperAll from getting admin/update/groupAttrUpdate/member privileges on groups"

This will impact the upgrade to Grouper 2.2. Shilen has updated the upgrade instructions:

Dave is working on the PSP can't see integer ID issue.

Some performance issues can be improved by changing the defaults around widgets.
Chris created this JIRA:

Goal is to start to release Grouper 2.2.1 within a week or two.

Next Grouper-Dev Call: Wed. Oct. 8, 2014 at noon ET

Emily Eisbruch, Technology Transfer Analyst
office: +1-734-352-4996 | mobile +1-734-730-5749

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