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grouper-dev - Re: [grouper-dev] Draft Minutes: Grouper Call 3-July-2013

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Re: [grouper-dev] Draft Minutes: Grouper Call 3-July-2013

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  • Subject: Re: [grouper-dev] Draft Minutes: Grouper Call 3-July-2013
  • Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2013 08:50:01 -0500
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We've had two epochs of provisioning work so far in the grouper project. First was the initial LDAPPC, which we couldn't sustain. Then came PSP (nee LDAPPCng). That strategy was founded on two main assumptions, or hopes. First, that the substantial slice 'n dice capabilities often needed to combine and transform source (group) data to make it suitable for a given target should occur in a common element of the architecture, and that shibboleth's attribute resolver was a good instance of that capability with lots of community contribution keeping it stocked with valuable tools. Second, that SPMLv2, though basically dead at that time, was a good embodiment of the types of actions that commonly occur in provisioning. Why invent something only slightly different? Personally, I even hoped we might revive SPML, like our colleagues did with the then-dead SAML when the shib project was forming.

So the idea was that most provisioning tasks should naturally factor through SPML and common transformation utilities, making it easier to add additional targets, maybe sources too, to the architecture. Alas, SPML remained dead despite effort to revive it (everyone was getting provisioning done, if badly, unlike federation which was then a greenfield), and moreover the SPML metaphor didn't always fit that well, and factoring through it did not net the hoped-for efficiency. Still, it works, and can be made to work better.

Now that we have a good deal of field experience with PSP, I figured it's time to reflect on whether we should continue to improve PSP or envision a different, third swipe at this vexing problem. The discussion in the minutes is the first serious such discussion we've had in the grouper-dev context. However it concludes, we will also think through how to bring existing deployments through any transition, as we have with all substantial changes to grouper. And for the moment, with the SURFnet/SCIM work to be started soon (which doesn't appear to benefit from SPML), we have a great opportunity to think alternatives through in a concrete manner. We'll see where that takes us.


On 7/8/2013 8:30 PM, Scott Koranda wrote:

PSP/provisioning Strategy

-DaveL has been analyzing PSP strengths and challenges
-PSP is extensible
-Not fast enough for all use cases, partly due to SPML foundation
-There are advantages to smaller and more efficient modules

-Jim: U. Washington is looking into MongoDB for document store
-MongoDB may replace LDAP for some use cases
-Would need different provisioning
-Jim will investigate whether there is a SCIM-to-MongoDB interface
-MongoDB uses a JSON data structure, uses puts and gets

-Grouper's REST API may need to be adapted, especially given the focus on REST
in the CIFER project.
-Grouper's relational backend can be a drawback for scaling.
-With REST becoming more common, perhaps point-to-point connectors make more
sense that a generalized provisioning engine like PSP

-Currently most sites using PSP use it for provisioning to LDAP and AD systems
- These would both be adaptable to a good point-to-point solution

-The provisioning engine approach (solve provisioning once with various
connectors) sounds better than it actually is.
-It was agreed that it makes sense for the Grouper project to stop investing
PSP, which is a provisioning engine based on SPML

-For the SURFnet and SCIM work that is planned, the direction is to develop
a change log consumers, more of a point-to-point approach

-It's important to ensure the point-to-point modules can work in parallel or
can chain together to populate several consumers
-parallel processing will be part of the design

Q: Shilen: When using the change log for provisioning, what about the need
for bulk synchronization?
A: DaveL: there will also be a mass reconciliation option
Grouper would need to interface with
-change log consumer (incremental) approach, AND
-bulk processing

[AI] (DaveL) will start a wiki page about provisioning future.
I would be grateful if you could include in the wiki page
about the provisioning future a timeline and details about
what it means to "stop investing in PSP".

I am working on a number of Grouper deployments at the moment
that rely in critical ways on Grouper -> LDAP provisioning
using the PSP and I would like to be able to clearly explain
what projects can expect for support and transition options
from the Grouper development team and the community.


Scott Koranda

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