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grouper-dev - [grouper-dev] RE: SimpleMembershipUpdateImportExport databse problems

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[grouper-dev] RE: SimpleMembershipUpdateImportExport databse problems

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  • From: Chris Hyzer <>
  • To: Gagné Sébastien <>, "" <>
  • Subject: [grouper-dev] RE: SimpleMembershipUpdateImportExport databse problems
  • Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 22:17:04 +0000
  • Accept-language: en-US

There was a query which seemed to work (somehow) with few rows in the DB, but blows up when there are lots of rows.  Tweaking the query makes it work fine.  I think this was introduced in 2.1.3 when fixing another issue.  I added some more tests that reproduce the problem and show that it is fixed.


There is a patch in there, can you apply it to your deployment?  You could rebuild the grouper.jar and replace it, or even just put the class file in the classes dir in the right package dir and it would use that instead of the one in the jar (note, if you look at the bin dir, you will see a bunch of $ class files for that class, which are for inner classes, I would think you need all these too)…  up to you J  In fact, if you take the attached zip, and unzip it to WEB-INF/classes so that WEB-INF/classes/edu exists, and bounce the tomcat, it should fix it until your next upgrade.





From: [mailto:] On Behalf Of Gagné Sébastien
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 10:34 AM
Subject: [grouper-dev] SimpleMembershipUpdateImportExport databse problems



When delegated  admins try to use the SimpleMembershipUpdateImportExport to import a CSV or ids from the textbox, it fails and fills up the whole TEMP file in the database. We’re talking of filling up the 32gb TEMP file with a database that is only 4gb. Grouper is then very slow, but after waiting a few minutes the TEMP file is cleared and Grouper is back to normal.


What’s strange is if I do it with my GrouperSysAdmin account it works and both account type works in our DEV environment (TEST is failing). Delegated admins have update rights on the group, but not admin. Based on the problematic SQL Query (see below), it seems the problem is when calling Hib3GroupDAO.findByNamesSecure() [line 2537], but I’m stuck there solving this.


My current hypotheses are :

-          Some privilege is missing (doubtfull since I can manually add members to the group and it work in Dev with the same configuration)

-          Database is somehow corrupt (but it works with the SysAdmin account, maybe the “or exists” isn’t used in that case…)




Error message :

[http-8080-1] ERROR JDBCExceptionReporter.logExceptions(234) - - ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment by 128 in tablespace TEMP


SQL query that does the problem :

select distinct

       as id21_,

                group0_.hibernate_version_number as hibernate2_21_,

                group0_.last_membership_change as last3_21_,

                group0_.last_imm_membership_change as last4_21_,

                group0_.parent_stem as parent5_21_,

                group0_.creator_id as creator6_21_,

                group0_.create_time as create7_21_,

                group0_.modifier_id as modifier8_21_,

                group0_.modify_time as modify9_21_,

       as name21_,

                group0_.display_name as display11_21_,

                group0_.extension as extension21_,

                group0_.display_extension as display13_21_,

                group0_.description as descrip14_21_,

                group0_.context_id as context15_21_,

                group0_.alternate_name as alternate16_21_,

                group0_.type_of_group as type17_21_


                grouper_groups group0_,

                grouper_memberships_all_v membership1_



                and (membership1_.field_id in (:1 , :2 , :3 , :4 , :5 , :6))

                and (membership1_.member_id in (:7 , :8))

                and membership1_.immediate_mship_enabled='T'

                and ( in (:9) or group0_.alternate_name in (:10))

                and (group0_.type_of_group in (:11))

                or exists


from grouper_attribute_assign attributea2_, grouper_attribute_assign_value attributea3_, grouper_attribute_def_name attributed4_

where group0_.type_of_group='entity'





                and (attributea3_.value_string in (:13)))


Sébastien Gagné,     | Analyste en informatique

514-343-6111 x33844  | Université de Montréal,

                     | Pavillon Roger-Gaudry, local X-100-11



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