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grouper-dev - Draft Minutes: Grouper call 26-May-2010

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Draft Minutes: Grouper call 26-May-2010

Chronological Thread 
  • From: Emily Eisbruch <>
  • To: Grouper Dev <>
  • Subject: Draft Minutes: Grouper call 26-May-2010
  • Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2010 09:44:03 -0400

Grouper Call 26-May-2010


Tom Barton, U. Chicago  (Chair)
Gary Brown, Bristol
Shilen Patel, Duke
Chris Hyzer, U. Penn
Tom Zeller, U. Memphis
Ron Hebron, Cardiff University
Renee Frost, Internet2
Ann West, Internet2
Steve Olshansky, Internet2

*Action Items*

[AI] (Chris and SteveO) will set up a test instance of Grouper, after the Grouper 1.6 release

[AI] (TomB) will create a list of performance issues for discussion later.

[AI] (Rob) will look at issues relating to testing the ESB Connector.

Target for release of Grouper 1.6 is June 11.


*Planning for Release of Grouper 1.6*

Release Steps Wiki page is 

Work still needing to be done for Grouper 1.6 includes:

- Merging of Chris’s work on XMPP integration with Rob’s ESB Connector work. Rob has looked at this and will send Chris some information.

- TomZ reported that for Ldappc-ng, one or two tests don't pass for minor reasons; he will make the needed fixes. 

- Gary has been testing his UI (export) work and has found one issue that he needs to fix.


In addition to unit testing, the team will do upgrade tests on various databases as possible. It is not practical to test every operating system and database combination. When testing on Linux and Windows, 32-bit and 64-bit, there are too many combinations to accomplish thorough testing on all. However, as we fill in the test table on the wiki, it will be helpful to fill in what operating system is being used and if 32 or  64-bit.

Procedure for testing on each of the databases:
  • Clean DDL install, run unit tests, pull up GSH, and UI
  • Clean install of previous version of Grouper, import quickstart xml or use existing data, pull up GSH and UI, run unit tests
  • MySQL windows - Chris
  • MySQL unix with case sensitive table names - Chris
  • Postgres – Rob 
  • Oracle- Shilen
  • Hsql - Gary
  • MsSQL (TomB ask U. Iowa if they will be able to test)

Steps for  upgrade testing:
  • Install Grouper 1.5.3
  • Load the quickstart data set
  • Open the UI, browse around
  • Upgrade to Grouper 1.6
  • Open the UI, browse around
After brief discussion, it was decided not to create a release candidate prior to the actual Grouper 1.6.0 release. It was noted that there was not a release candidate for the Grouper 1.5 release either. If problems are discovered after release, another release will be made available (1.6.1 , 1.6.2 etc.)

*Ldappc-ng Unit Testing*

Shilen will test SUN DS, since U. Memphis does not run SUN DS.

TomZ noted there is work to do for Maven on the various targets, and he is learning. There are issues with the way Maven forks.

TomB suggested that TomZ confer with a uPortal committer to help with these Maven issues. 

Though it is possible to call Ant tests from Maven, TomZ prefers not to use that approach.


- TomZ will work on documentation for Ldappc-ng

- Rob will move his ESB Connector documentation to the Grouper wiki.

- Chris has written a technical upgrade document 

- Shilen will create a non technical upgrade document, noting that DDL utils should be used to do the upgrade, rather than XML import and export.

*Packaging Ldappc-ng*

After discussion, it was decided that Ldappc-ng will not go into the Grouper tar file.  It will be an a separate binary. There will be an Ant script in the API to copy ldappc-ng. This is consistent with the decision on the May 5 call.

There are pros and cons to each approach here, and perhaps in the future a better method will be suggested. 

Next Call: Wed. June 9 at noon ET.

Emily Eisbruch, Technology Transfer Analyst
office: +1-734-352-4996 | mobile +1-734-730-5749

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  • Draft Minutes: Grouper call 26-May-2010, Emily Eisbruch, 06/03/2010

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