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grouper-dev - CFP for the Knowledge Advantage Track at IEEE WETICE 2010 -Larissa, Greece

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CFP for the Knowledge Advantage Track at IEEE WETICE 2010 -Larissa, Greece

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  • Subject: CFP for the Knowledge Advantage Track at IEEE WETICE 2010 -Larissa, Greece
  • Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 08:12:16 -0500 (EST)

Call for Papers for a Conference Track on Knowledge Advantage Collaboratory
(KnAC) as part of the 19th IEEE WETICE Conference – Larissa, Greece
June 28 – 30, 2010

Conference Wesite:

Paper submission to workshops March 2, 2010
Notification to authors April 2, 2010
Final paper to IEEE April 14, 2010
Conference Dates June 28, 29, 30 2010
Original unpublished papers are solicited. The papers may be of two types:
1. Full-length (6 pages) papers
2. Short (3 pages) papers

Papers may report on work completed, work in-progress or may present new
ideas that may form the basis for new research directions. All papers will be
refereed and published in the IEEE conference Proceedings.
Some Topics of Interest (non-exhaustive)
1. Personal knowledge networks
2. Social networking and knowledge accumulation
3. Context driven knowledge access
4. Ontologies for personal knowledge networking
5. Personal semantic web
6. Semantic desktop
7. Knowledge communities
8. Personal space/Project space organizations
9. Pervasive computing and personal knowledge networks
10. Collaborative approaches to knowledge acquisition


These are but a few related topics. Any ideas that can enhance one’s ability
to exploit available knowledge by creating a personal knowledge network
(i.e., exploiting Knowledge Advantage) are relevant to this conference track.
Authors who could not travel to Greece may present their papers remotely.
Arrangements will be made for this purpose. At least one author must register
and present the accepted paper
Please email papers to:

Please be sure to put in the subject line: “KnAC Paper – 2010”.
Knowledge Advantage Collaboratory (KnAC)
Throughout the industrial era, societies were able to improve their standard
of living by employing ever more efficient machines in all walks of life
ranging from transportation to food production. The key underlying concept
for the improvement of our standard of living is exploitation of the
Mechanical Advantage whether it is in the form of a tractor which can till a
large area or an airplane which can transport goods and people over large
distances in a short time.
According to sociologists, we are now in the Knowledge Era. With the advent
of the Internet, World-wide Web, Search Engines, and many related
technologies the task of sharing knowledge has become much easier. However,
the exploitation of the knowledge itself has not become easier as we still
rely on human effort to search, filter and organize knowledge of interest so
that it can readily be summoned for problem solving – on demand. This
challenge can only be met, if we can develop a personal agent that is (i)
aware of our personal interests, (ii) determine the context and (iii) offer
to present relevant knowledge in an appropriate way. This can enable a
knowledge worker make better decisions ultimately leading to a more
productive society. This is what may be viewed as exploitation of Knowledge
We believe that until we can build such personal agents, we will not fully
benefit from the vast knowledge base that is being created and made available
through the Web. We also believe that creation of specialized knowledge bases
that can meet the needs of different types of knowledge workers is a
collaborative effort. By exploiting the numerous developments in
collaboration technologies, it is conceivable that affinity groups can form
themselves into world-wide collaboratories that can create and organize
specialized knowledge for the benefit of members of that group.
This proposed Conference Track at the WETICE 2010 Conference aims to attract
a group of researchers to share their ideas that can pave the way for
collaborative creation of models, tools and exemplary implementations of
Knowledge Advantage Machines which will form the basis for the next set of
major advances in knowledge exploitation contributing to further improvements
in the standard of living for the societies world-wide.

Conference Track Organizers:
Ramana Reddy -

Sumitra Reddy –

Luyi Wang –

Program Committee
1. Dr. Srinivas Kankanahalli- Clear Avenue Inc.
2. Dr. Raman Kannan
3. Dr. Duvvuru Sriram – NIST(USA)
4. Prof. Liu Shufen – Jilin University, China

  • CFP for the Knowledge Advantage Track at IEEE WETICE 2010 -Larissa, Greece, ramana . reddy, 12/30/2009

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