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grouper-dev - RE: [grouper-dev] Grouper design call, Wednesday, 22 July 2009, 1200EDT (1600Z)

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RE: [grouper-dev] Grouper design call, Wednesday, 22 July 2009, 1200EDT (1600Z)

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  • From: "GW Brown, Information Systems and Computing" <>
  • To: Chris Hyzer <>,
  • Subject: RE: [grouper-dev] Grouper design call, Wednesday, 22 July 2009, 1200EDT (1600Z)
  • Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 08:24:32 +0100

Did't get to this on the call:
Database datatypes of values: could be a string, int, double, marker (no
value). Note, other types could be packed in there, e.g. a timestamp
could >be a int (number of millis sinc 1970)
I think if you are 'packing' a data type then you should still have metadata about the actual type. I would go for:


Grouper would 'know' what to store in the database

How do you expect to return values? i.e. if you have an 'Attribute.getValue()' method it could be returning various types - so would have to cast to an Object. You could also have Attribute.getIntValue() etc. How about:

Object Attribute.getValue() - >returns 'primitive' i.e. memberId as String
Object Attribute.getInstantiatedValue() -> returns (where appropriate) a Timestamp, Member, Group etc Object. You could still have 'Attribute.getMemberValue()' etc.


--On 22 July 2009 00:56 -0400 Chris Hyzer

I took a pass at redoing the attribute documentation.
I saved the old discussion page as another page, and stripped the
discussion out of the attributes page so it is a little more clear. In
order to show how things work, I give some potential GSH commands that
could accomplish the task. Note: these are not real or designed GSH
commands, so don't worry about what the API will look like, or that there
are inconsistencies, it is there to give an example of what the feature

Still have a few more features to document, but anyways, hopefully it
will help.

You can get to both pages from here:


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From: Tom Barton
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 10:16 PM

Subject: [grouper-dev] Grouper design call, Wednesday, 22 July 2009,
1200EDT (1600Z)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009, 1200EDT/1700BST/1800CEST (1600Z), 60 minutes

+1-866-411-0013 (toll free US/Canada Only)
+1-734-615-7474 (Non-US/CA, non-toll free, no dialout) (SIP)
PIN: 0109331 (followed by "#")


1. administrivia
. <>
. approve minutes
. review AIs
. next meeting
. agenda bash

2. Ldappc-ng status, time frame

3. User audit status

4. Attribute framework status & discussion

5. what you *really* want to talk about

6. AI review


GW Brown, Information Systems and Computing

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