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grouper-dev - Re: [grouper-dev] UML Tools Survey

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Re: [grouper-dev] UML Tools Survey

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  • From: "Paul B. Hill" <>
  • To: Dave Donnelly <>
  • Cc: Grouper Dev <>
  • Subject: Re: [grouper-dev] UML Tools Survey
  • Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 11:55:57 -0400


I wonder if this thread might be more appropriate for the ITANA list?

But since the thread currently resides here, how many people that are using UML tools are using any of the round-trip engineering features in actual practice? From talking to some peers I have concluded that few people are using such functionality on an on-going basis or with any regularity. Although, it appears that many people have selected their tool based on this being in the feature set.

The few people that I have found that have used the feature more than once, tend to use it to build an initial model of existing code when they first inherit the responsibility for an existing application or service. If people are really using the round-trip features I would be interested in hearing about it.

I also wonder how many people are sharing their UML models with others beyond just displaying them at some meetings as a way to initiate discussion? The small number of groups that I have seen that actually treat the model as a living diagram and update it over time tend to pass the diagram around for updating, which has caused them to focus on one somewhat ubiquitous tool, although nobody thinks it is a great UML tool (Visio).

So ignoring the typical marketing features, what are the features that people really consider the key requirements in a UML tool?


Dave Donnelly wrote:
I conducting an informal survey about which UML tools people
are using and some indication of suitability.

I am currently using Jude-Community from Change Vision
( On a
scale of A to F, I would give it a C+. It's easy to use
but does not support round-trip engineering. Also the
print capability is rather limited. However, the free
version does most of the things I require.

Other tools I have used:

Rational Rose from IBM
grade (A-F): A
comments: Excellent UML tool if you can afford it. The last time I used
it was about 5 years ago.

EclipseUML from Omondo
grade: B- and falling
comments: Nice integration with Eclipse IDE (I use Eclipse).
Stopped using it because as new free versions were released, they
started removing more and more functionality. Also, EclipseUML
was _very_ sensitive to versions of other Eclipse plugins making
it difficult to upgrade either. The last time I used it was
about 2 years ago.

TogetherJ from Borland
grade: (not enough experience with the product)
comments: I used this briefly about 4 years ago. It seems to be
on par with Rational Rose in functionality and price.

grade: (see comments)
comments: I could not get ArgoUML to run reliably on either of 2
computers. Not only did it crash, it required a power-down/reboot
to recover (and just to set the record straight, this occurred on
both Windows and Linux). Used it about 4 years ago.

Poseidon from Gentleware
grade: C+
comments: This is a commercial product based on ArgoUML but a free
version is available. Not as buggy as ArgoUML. Round-trip engineering
is supported using comment blocks. This can cause problems if you use
other development tools (e.g. Eclipse's Java comment generation tool).

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