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grouper-dev - Subject API 1.0 restart

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Subject API 1.0 restart

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  • From: Tom Barton <>
  • To: Grouper Dev <>
  • Cc: Signet <>
  • Subject: Subject API 1.0 restart
  • Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 17:14:44 -0600

One of my action items from the last grouper-dev call was to review and summarize the outcome of last Summer's discussion of what the Subject API v1.0 should look like. I'm sending this to grouper-dev since that's where this task arose, and I'm CCing signet-dev since that's where we once agreed to keep all things Subject.

Here are some highlights.


1. Strip Subject type of its identifying status.

v1.0 Subjects will be identified by their sourceId and subjectId. Type will remain an attribute of a source. We didn't cleanly determine if its value should be exposed as a Subject attribute or not, but that seems the logical thing to do. It needs to be conveniently exposed, and that would satisfy a conceptual desire (and potential operational need) to see Subject objects with their types stamped right on them.

We also discussed whether the "sourceId" should in fact be renamed "typeId", making it likelier that deployers would choose identifiers that would transcend temporal vagaries of how a site persists different types over time. We left the term unchanged, but admonished ourselves to ensure that future documentation should clarify what the terms themselves cannot. Think of (sourceId, subjectId) as (namespaceUsedForThisType, uniqueIdWithinNamespace).

2. Reduce type to a string, lose the enumeration.

3. Specify a capability that supports iterating over sources and types.

Whether that would be an enhancement of SourceManager or a new interface (something like grouper's SubjectFinder, perhaps) was not determined, though there was a leaning towards the latter.

4. Determine a configuration and initialization strategy that decouples source adapter implementations from classes in the reference source adapters.

We didn't detail or discuss this item on the signet-dev list, though it was much talked about among a few of us offline. This is probably the most substantial piece of unfinished business that would be great to fold into Subject API v1.0.



  • Subject API 1.0 restart, Tom Barton, 03/05/2007

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