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grouper-dev - Re: [grouper-dev] Re: Ldappc issues

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Re: [grouper-dev] Re: Ldappc issues

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  • From: Kathryn Huxtable <>
  • To: "" <>, Jeff Van Eeuwen <>, <>
  • Cc: <>
  • Subject: Re: [grouper-dev] Re: Ldappc issues
  • Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 16:36:55 -0600

Okay, I have a very preliminary version of ldappc, which I have renamed to
rdbpc. It provisions tables in an RDBMS. I can run through a provisioning
cycle with nothing to do in about 30 seconds.

I am no longer interested in provisioning LDAP from Grouper and Signet. I'll
provision my Oracle tables and then provision LDAP from there using my
current provisioning software.

When I have this in such shape that I'm willing to run it in production,
I'll release it to I2. I have used the edu.internet2.middleware.rdbpc
package name. I can change this if that's desired.


On 1/30/07 9:12 AM, "Kathryn Huxtable"

> Yes. The objectClass attribute is indexed by default, and I indexed
> eduPersonPrincipalName, which is what I'm using for a subject search. My RDN
> is my person registry key, and it doesn't seem to matter whether I use it or
> the EPPN as a subject search. Both are indexed.
> -K
> On 1/30/07 8:53 AM, "Jeff Van Eeuwen"
> <>
> wrote:
>> Kathryn
>> Since the time is spent looking for subject DNs, are there indexes defined
>> for
>> the attributes used in the filter defined in the source-subject-identifier
>> section of the configuration file? (I assume there are given that
>> isMemberOf
>> is indexed)
>> Jeff
>>> Oh, and yes, isMemberOf is indexed in my SunJava 5.2 directory server. -K
>>> On 1/29/07 2:01 PM, "Tom Barton"
>>> <>
>>> wrote:
>>>> <I'm CCing just the grouper-dev list, to pick just one place for
>>>> continuing this thread.>
>>>> Kathryn Huxtable wrote:
>>>>> Okay, I see that the problem is that it takes over 15 minutes to search
>>> the
>>>>> existing subject DNs in my LDAP directory.
>>>> Do you refer to (1) grouper API's use of the subject API to render
>>>> membership lists to present to ldappc, or (2) ldappc looking up DNs of
>>>> subjects in LDAP in order to review and update their memberships?
>>>> About how many subjects, groups, and memberships are referenced in the
>>>> groups selected for provisioning?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Tom

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