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comanage-users - Re: [comanage-users] landing page options

Subject: COmanage Users List

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Re: [comanage-users] landing page options

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  • From: Benn Oshrin <>
  • To:
  • Subject: Re: [comanage-users] landing page options
  • Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2018 15:31:06 -0400
  • Ironport-phdr: 9a23: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

I think by landing page you mean /registry. Currently the only
customization possible (short of hacking View/Pages/home.ctp yourself)
is to localize the text strings (op.home.*). This needs to be done in
the lang.php file[1] because this page is not in the context of a CO (so
dynamic Localizations aren't applied).

Registry v3.2.0 introduces "Dashboards", which can replace the per-CO
landing page (/registry/co_dashboards/dashboard/co:#). You can read more
about them here, though the implementation isn't complete yet:

Since Dashboards are plugin based, you'll be able to insert whatever
logic you like there. At the moment, Dashboards are per-CO only.[2]



[1] Related RFE: CO-1168 I18n Partial Translations
[2] Related RFE: CO-1587 Redirect To Dashboard On Login

On 6/26/18 11:04 AM, Mike Manske wrote:
> What options are available for changing the landing page?
> Specifically, can the landing page, after authentication, display (as
> is does currently) all collaborations the subject (person) is a member
> of, and also, links to collaboration enrollment flows for
> collaborations the subject is not a member of but may join? Also, can
> we add more descriptive text? For example, "select one of the
> collaborations below to manage your membership or one of the links
> below to enroll in another collaboration? Can this be done with a
> plugin or just a new (local) version of the landing page?
> Ty

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