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comanage-users - [comanage-users] Enrollment vs Operational Records

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[comanage-users] Enrollment vs Operational Records

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  • From: Benn Oshrin <>
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  • Subject: [comanage-users] Enrollment vs Operational Records
  • Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 08:29:26 -0400

We're currently working on significant changes to the enrollment code in COmanage to facilitate several new features (as well as some outstanding bug fixes). As part of this work, we need to make a design decision and are looking for some feedback.

(If you're not already familiar with the concepts around Registry Enrollment, see for background.)

Currently, when someone completes the form associated with an enrollment flow, the attributes are immediately copied into operational records and the new enrollee is visible in "My Population", probably with a status of Pending Confirmation/Approval (according to the enrollment flow configuration). There is no ability to edit the petition before submitting it, and only one set of attributes can be collected (from the petitioner).

Going forward, we will be adding support for both editing petitions before they are finalized as well as collecting attributes from multiple sources (petitioner, enrollee, approver, etc). Since there is no longer a single point of attribute collection, we need to decide when to copy attributes into the operational records.

OPTION 1: As soon as they are known. This is complicated because if (eg) the petition is edited before it is finalized, the operational record must also be updated. If the operational record is updated before the petition is finalized, the petition should be updated as well. However, this would only apply prior to the petition being finalized (approved, etc), and only for attributes relevant to the petition (eg: if the petition is only to add a second role, then this would only apply to the second role's attributes). This could be confusing from a user experience perspective.

OPTION 2: Upon petition finalization (ie: after any confirmation and approval steps are completed). Under this approach these records won't show up in "My Population"... it would be necessary to look at both "My Population" and "CO Petitions" to get full visibility into the population. It's also possible that multiple petitions could create conflicting operational records if they're created in parallel.

If you have any opinions as to which option is better, we'd like to hear them, either on or off list at your preference.



  • [comanage-users] Enrollment vs Operational Records, Benn Oshrin, 04/14/2015

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