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cacti-discuss - CACTI Draft FIM4R gap assessment available for TechEx.

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CACTI Draft FIM4R gap assessment available for TechEx.

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  • From: Chris Phillips <>
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  • Subject: CACTI Draft FIM4R gap assessment available for TechEx.
  • Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2018 19:00:55 +0000
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Hello from Orlando!


The draft CACTI FIM4Rv2 gap assessment has been published for sharing and socializing at TechEx:


You may notice this page allows for feedback using the consultation style template.

During the culminating phase we just wrapped up for this draft we felt collecting feedback capitalizes on the many places where FIM4R will be talked about at TechEx. Many things happen with all the side meetings and conversations which usually only happen when we gather. The Thursday CACTI meeting will be just one of the many places FIM4Rv2 will be talked about and focus on this draft document. Other areas with FIM4R activity are REFEDS on Monday late afternoon which we expect to engage more people globally and ACAMP sessions are expected as well from the community.


A 30 day window was chosen to allow for 2 CACTI meetings (if we need that many) to finalize the document. Depending on feedback, we could finalize things earlier of course.


Many thanks everyone contributing -- TAC, CTAB, TIER Architects groups, and others so far and look forward to the feedback and discussions with you at TechEx!


Chris, on behalf of the draft editors sub-group in CACTI


  • CACTI Draft FIM4R gap assessment available for TechEx., Chris Phillips, 10/14/2018

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